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A State University established under Haryana Act No. 20 of 2018 Recognized under UGC 2(F)


Prof. Ramesh Chander Bhardwaj


   Maharshi Valmiki Sanskrit University

Any nation is identified by its language. Language is the carrier of culture. Sanskrit language is the carrier of Indian culture. The rest of India's knowledge-science is embodied in Sanskrit texts. The basis of the original knowledge of the universe is the Vedas. "Vedokhil Gyan-Vigyan Moolam." When it comes to the Vedas, it is only about the all-knowing knowledge of the universe, which is present in Sanskrit texts in various forms. Sanskrit language has remained in its form for thousands of years due to its scientificity. Sanskrit is considered to be the basis of the languages of the world. This is the reason that today as the world is moving forward on the path of progress, it is feeling the need for linguistic equality and scientific language. For this reason, there is a competition to learn Sanskrit in the world today. Sanskrit Learning Schools are being established in universities with Sanskrit teaching. There are many such institutes in America and Europe which are teaching Sanskrit through Myweb network. The list of institutes imparting Sanskrit education in the world is continuously increasing. North America has the largest number of Sanskrit educational institutions. There are 18 universities in America in which Sanskrit is taught in some form or the other. Sanskrit is taught in 17 universities in Germany. America's Space Research Organization NASA has agreed that Sanskrit language is the most scientific language. Since then, Sanskrit was seen as the language of the future all over the world and they started believing that the infinite sky of computer possibilities would open up as soon as they learned Sanskrit. Many countries of the world like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, Thailand etc. are learning Sanskrit. A large number of foreign students are still learning Sanskrit and doing research while staying in India. All this shows the growing attraction towards Sanskrit. Universities play an important role in preserving, promoting and transmitting the knowledge and science embodied in Sanskrit texts. Maharshi Valmiki Sanskrit University, Mundri, Kaithal was established in 2018 to fulfill these objectives. In the name of Maharshi Valmiki, who absorbed Indian culture in the public mind, the Haryana Government has made not only the state of Haryana but the whole of India proud by establishing Sanskrit University in the name of such Maharshi Valmiki. Maharshi Valmiki Sanskrit University, Mundri, Kaithal will be able to develop the bright tradition of Indian knowledge-science with relevant and practical form in the present context along with protecting the cultural heritage of India. In the field of Indian knowledge and science, the whole university family is engaged in unearned work, so that the ancient Indian sciences can be given embodiment of employment by doing new research experiments. My heartfelt wishes for the university to continue on the path of progress towards fulfilling its objective.

Prof. Ramesh Chander Bhardwaj


  Office Address : Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Govt. Collage, Jagdishpura   (Ambala Road), Kaithal


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